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Editorial Policy of The BPS News Letter


  1. Name, Title and Masthead: 

To be known as “BPS NEWS” in black against a white background set in Cooper Black font type size 76 with the University of Nairobi logo in full colour set between the words “BPS” and “NEWS”. The name “UNIVERSITY OF NAIROBI” in Times Roman font type size 16 in black and capitals shall rest just beneath the logo. The University’s Certification, “ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFIED” set in red Arial font type size 12 shall anchor the University’s name. The dominant colours of the University of Nairobi, Cyan blue and others shall prevail in the entire publication, whether full or spot colour save for advertisements.

  1. Cover Page
  • To contain the following:
  • Mast head, title, UoN logo and date of issue set at the top of page.
  • Table of Content
  • Editorial Board
  • Lead article/News, headline and a photograph
  • Contacts of Publisher
  • Disclaimer and Copyright
  1. Inside Pages
  • Message from the Director, Board of Postgraduate Studies (BPS)
  • Photographs of the Director, Board Members  and staff
  • News, Features, Advertisements , photographs and other stories
  1. Centre-Spread

Pictures telling the BPS story through pictures on topical issues/events.

  1. Back Cover Page
  • Vision, Mission and Core Values of BPS
  • Full contacts of BPS
  1. Page Number and Size

4 – 8 pages of A4 size for a start subject to content available

  1. Style/Paper Type/Weight

Except for headline and sub-headlines, text will be set at Arial font type 9 points, two columns, adverts and captions exempted. Gross art paper 80 gms to be used.

  1. Publication Interval

This will be a quarterly publication.

  1. Distribution/Mailing List

University of Nairobi community through website, internet and limited hard copy distribution to selected publics and other stakeholders.

  1. Target Audience

Internal (staff and students) and external (general public)

  1. Publication Format

This shall essentially be a hard copy publication with a web version on pdf format.

  1. Editorial Board

Editorial Advisors

Prof. E. W. Mutitu –   Director, BPS

Prof. S. O. McLigeyo –  Deputy Director, BPS

They shall offer guidance and final approval for publication of the newsletter.


D. Njuguna Bernard – Senior Assistant Registrar, BPS

Overall in charge of editorial content and assignment allocation.

Editorial Committee      

J. K. Gachunga         -        Senior Assistant Registrar, BPS

Anne M. Simiyu        -        Administrative Assistant, BPS

Martin Ndungu         -         ICT Officer, BPS

Francis M. Ngiria       -        Registry Supervisor, BPS

Mary C. Chelule        -        Receptionist, BPS

Damaris Okola          -        Secretary, BPS

The team shall research, collate and write the articles for the newsletter.

The editorial committee shall also accept and solicit for relevant editorial material for inclusion in the Newsletter. The editor however, reserves the right to accept, reject or edit any article submitted for publication.


Stephen M. Muturi        -        Records Clerk, BPS

University PR office       

This team shall facilitate acquisition of relevant photographs for use in the newsletter.  

   BPS News is a quarterly publication of the Board of Postgraduate Studies, University of Nairobi.

Articles on topical issues related to Postgraduate studies are welcome.

All articles and photographs shall be sent to:

Director, Board of Postgraduate Studies

University of Nairobi

P. O. Box 30197 – 00100


Tel: 020 318262 Ext. 28267

E-mail” bps@uonbi.ac.ke


Disclaimer: Views expressed in this Newsletter shall not necessarily represent the view of BPS.

© All rights shall be reserved



  1. Sasakawa visit to BPS
  1. BPS acquires additional Registry space
  1. New approved postgraduate programmes
  1. BPS reviews its Service Charter
  1. BPS prepares to present the second DSC Candidates
  1. BPS goes digital  on Postgraduate students Identity cards
  1. New staff appointments/promotions

Mary Chelule               -        Receptionist

Mandela Ombati          -        Office assistant

Josephine Muchai       -        Registry Clerk

Justa Wanjira              -        Registry Clerk

D. Njuguna Bernard    -        Senior Assistant Registrar      

Simeon Odera              -        Personal assistant, VC’s office

J. K. Gachunga            -        Senior Assistant Registrar

Prof. Winnie Mitullah   -        Director, IDS

  1. Friendly offices, BPS constructs a Ramp to cater for PWDs
  1. Like us on our Facebook and Twitter accounts
  1. Message from the Director
  1. Feature Article
  1. BPS participates in national and international Exhibitions/Trade Fairs
  1. Staff News; training, moving on…
  1. My Take- an opinion piece
  1. Vision, Mission and Core Values
  1. Contacts; BPS