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The following list comprises of ongoing Phd research work from students in the different Schools and Centre within the College of Biological and Physical Sciences.

1 Okadapau Moses Odeo P80/82421/2011 Analysis of State of E-commerce Adoption by SMEs in Kenya and Factors that Might Hinder its Adoption  An Empirical Study.
2 Evans Miriti P80/84121/2012 "Transfer of reinforcement learning knowledge in robot obstacle avoidance
3 Okioga  Edgar  Nyamweya  P80/91081/2013 A Geosimulation of Traffic Movement  A Case Study of Nairobi
4 Okech Peter Odhiambo P80/82941/2012 Assessment of Inherent Diversity in Computer-Based Safety Related Systems.
5 Walubengo John Nyongesa P80/85741/2012 Modeling the Internet Price Behaviour  in Kenya  A System Dynamics Approach.
6 Mwendia Simon Nyaga P80/83261/2012  Intelligent Context Aware Model For Mobile Learning In Higher Institutions. (Case of Kenyan Universities).
7 Maina Elizaphan Muuro  P80/83902/2012 Improving Online Collaborative Learning Using Machine Learning Techniques. 
8 Ireri  Bonface Ngari P80/83221/2012 An Instructional Design and Delivery Model for Mobile Learning Distance Education
9 Mwendia Simon Nyaga P80/83261/2012 Intelligent Context Aware Model for Mobile Learning in Higher Learning Institutions (Case of Kenya Universities.
10 Okech Peter Odhiambo P80/82941/2012 Assessment of Inherent Diversity in Computer-Based Safety Related Systems.
11 Okioga Edgar Nyamweya P80/91081/2013 A Geo-simulation of Traffic Movement  A Case Study of Nairobi
12 Wekesa Geoffrey Chemwa P80/83761/2012 ntelligent Mobile Identity Management Using Zero Knowledge Proofs to Enhance Information Privacy.
1 Ann Murugi Mugambi 29399/2013 Biology and Ecology of Coffee Berry Fruit Flies and Their Economic Importance in Different Agro-Ecological Zones in Kenya. 
2 Abdou Karekoona 27561/2012 Ecology of Red chested cuckoo (Cuculus solitaries) Brood Parasitism in Kibale National Park, Uganda. 
3 Benignus Valentine Ngowi I80/93782/2013 Tritrophic Interactions among Key Crucifer Pests and their Natural Enemies along Altitudinal Gradient in Mt. Kilimanjaro and the Taita Hills. 
4 Maneno Yoram Chidege 13825/2012 Population Dynamics and Tritrophic Interactions among Key Crucifer Pests along Climatic Gradients in Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania and Taita Hills, Kenya. 
5 Venansio Tumuhaise I80/81921/2011 Evaluation of Entomopathogenic Fungi and Commercial Bacillus Thuringiensis for the Management of Maruca Vitrata on Cowpea.
6 Patrice Kasangaki I804/85801/2012 Characterization of Honey Bee Races and the Epidemiology of Honey Bee Diseases in Uganda.
7 Shepard Ndlela I80/84681/2012 Development and Implementation of Pre and Post-Harvest Management Measures for Bactrocera Invadens and Ceratitis Cosyra on Mango in Kenya. 
8 Wakuma Bayissa Hundessa I80/84682/2012 Fungal Entomopathogens for Aphid Management Variability in Pathogenicity, Species Attributes and Interactions with other Natural Enemies
9 David Tembong Cham I80/92221/2013 Study on the Defensive Mechanisms of Apis Mellifera against Pests and Analysis of Honeybee Collected Pollen in Cameroon
10 Kankara Sulaiman Sani 15881/2012 Identification and Phytochemical Screening of Medicinal Plants Used for Traditional Maternal Health Care in Katsina State, Nigeria.
11 Leonard Orondo Omullo 13641/2013 The use of GIS and Remote Sensing Technologies to Analyze the Kilungu Forest Ecosystem Structure and Functions in Relation to the Degredation of its Resources and Services.  
12 Matouke Matouke Moise 26197/2013 Phylogeographic Study of Labeobarbus Polylepsis (Boulenger, 1907) Populations using DNA Barcodes and its Host Parasites in Kenya, East Africa. 
13 Eric Makuto Ndombi I80/90501/2013 The Impact of Mass Drug Administration on Immune Correlates of Protection Against Reinfection of Schistosomiasis in Children.
14 Alfred Otom Omondi 10013/2012 Assessment of Human Vulnerability to Water Resource Stress over Lake Victoria Basin.
15 Abdi Mohamed 29254/2011 Molecular Epidemiology of Campylobacteriosis in Kenya Attributing Human Cases to Animal Sources. 
16 Bancy N. Muruga I80/81781/2011 A Study of the Effects of Cyanophages on the Growth Patterns of Cyanobacteria in Lake Magadi, Kenya.
17 Catherine Kadogo Kitonde I80/90421/2013 Characterization and Utilization of Three Vernonia Species in Control of Disease Causing and Mycotoxins Producing Fusarium Pathogens on Wheat in Mau-Narok, Kenya . 
18 Elizabeth Naiyianoi Siameto I80/94747/2014 Occurrence Diversity and Potency of Entomopathogenic Fungi in the Management of Banana Weevil in Meru County, Kenya.
19 Eunice Nkirote Kobia I80/83301/2012 Immunizing the Olive Baboon, Papio Anubis, Against Schistosoma Mansoni with Snail Soluble Proteins and their Characterization.
20 Erastus Mulinge Kakundi I80/92641/2013 Epidemiological Survey and Molecular Characterization of Cystic Echinoccosis in Dogs from Selected Endemic Areas in Kenya
21 Francis J. Wanyera I80/92021/2013 Assessing Climate Variability and Anthropogenic Impacts on Ecosystems and Eco-Tourism in Protected Areas A Case of Bwindi and Volcanoes National Parks. 
22 Njeru Crispus Mugambi I80/90841/2013 Understanding Carbon Stocks Variability in Agro Ecosystems Along An Altitudinal Gradient A Case Study of Taita Hills, Coastal Kenya
23 Denis Thobias Mwangomo 26938/2013 The Impacts of Land Cover Change on Spatial Distribution and Plant Biodiversity at Kajiado County, Kenya.
24 Eliud Sagwa Mulanda I80/83101/2012 In Vitro and In Vivo Mass Propagation of the Drought-Tolerant Tree Melia Volkensii, Gurke (Mukau) and Evaluation of its Ex Vitro Growth Competitiveness. 
25 Maria Gorreti Onyango 3381/2011 Genetic Diversity of Mosquito Vector, Prevalence and Spatial Distribution of Arboviruses in Comparison with Climatic Variability of the Different Geographic Zones in Kenya.  
26 Isabell Wairimu Kingori I80/91621/2013 The Epidemiology of Schistosomiasis and Soil Transmitted Helminthes in Eastern Province.
1 Bernard Kibet Lang’at I80/85462/2012 Epidemiology of Hepatitis Viruses, Molecular Characterization of Prevailing Hepatitis A and B Viruses and Evaluation of Hepatitis B Vaccine Efficacy in Western Kenya.
2 Irene Adhiambo Onyango 29534/2011 The Role of Innate Immune Factors in Susceptibility to HIV-1 in a Cohort of HIV-1 Highly Exposed Seronegative (HESN) Individuals from Majengo Cohort Nairobi, Kenya.
3 Phanice Kheseli Otieno I80/83622/2012 Field and Post Harvest Control of Aflatoxin Fungi and the Larger Grain Borer in Maize using Native Bacillus Thuringiensis and its Products
4 Rachel Akinyi Okeyo I80/84961/2012 Genetic Improvement of Vigna Unguiculata (Cow Pea) for Enhancement of Drought Tolerance Through Tissue Culture and Agrobacterium Mediated Transformation.
5 Winnie Auma Raey 1811/2012 Screening and Evaluation of Novel Genes in Rice Germplasm for Abiotic and Biotic Stress Tolerance in Africa
1 Yoseph Atilaw Assefa I80/92721/2013 Phytochemical Investigation of Selected Alstonia and Carissa Species
2 Davis Anzeze Amboga 25751/2013 Biosorption of Heavy Metal Ions from Aqueous Solutions using Macrophytes (Vossia Cuspidata and Cyperus Papyrus).
3 Florence Achieng Masese 32132/2013 Addressing Drinking Water Quality Challenges in Developing Countries Case Study of Lake Victoria Basin
4 Woldemedihin Tsegaye Deyou I80/85101/2012 Isolation, Characterization and Evaluation of Biological Active Compounds from Selected Plants, and Semi-synthesis of the Products with Biological Activity.
5 James Ndia Muithya 16159/2012 Phytochemical and in Vitro Biological Screening of Aspilia Pluliseta, Launaea Cornuta and Lannea Tryphylla.
6 Souaibou Yaouba I80/94474/2014 Bioguided Isolation of Pharmacologically Bioactive Compounds from Some of Medicinal Plants Pseudocedrela Kotshyi (MELIACEAE) and LEPTADERNIA HASTATE (ASCLEPIADACEAE)
7 Charles Opiyo Ayieko I801/90062/2013 Characterization of Spectrally Selective FeMnCuO4 Solar Absorber Paint on Textured Aluminium Substrates for Mid Temperature Solar Thermal Collector Applications.