CBPS Masters

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The following list comprises of ongoing Masters research work from students in the different Schools and Centre within the College of Biological and Physical Sciences.

1 Alfred Kipkosgei Bett I56/76625/2009 Dr. James Kanya and Dr. Samuel Kiboi  “Dispersal of Invasive Opuntia ssp. By Olive Baboons (Papio Anubis Lesson 1827c) in Savanna Ecosystem, Laikipia Kenya”.
2 Chrispine Ngessah Odhiambo I56/81711/2012 Prof. Nathan Gichuki, Mr. Aggrey Mwala and Dr. Charles Musyoki  “Effect of Land use Changes on Avian Community Structure in Afro-Montane Forests:  A Case of Mt. Elgon Ecosystem, Kenya”.
3 Cynthia Njeri Muiru I56/80530/2012 Dr. Robert M. Chira and Dr. James I. Kanya  “The Impact of the African Elephant Loxodonta Africana on Acacia Woodlands in Tsavo East National Park”.
4 David Bosire Ouko I56/68747/2011 Dr. David Odongo and Dr. Isabella Oyier  “Molecular Characterization of the Apical Membrane Antigen 1 Polymorphisms in Plasmodium Falciparum Isolates in a Malaria Endemic Region of Kilifi County, Kenya”.
5 David Ndirangu Maina I56/69890/2011 Dr. Robert M. Chira, and Dr. Virginia Wang’ondu  “Mangroves as Bio Shields: Wave Energy Reduction and Sediment Stabilization by Mangrove Forests with Different Tree Density in Gazi Bay, Kenya”.
6 Evance M. Odhiambo Khatete I56/63771/2010   Dr. David Odongo F., Dr. Paul Gichohi Mbuthia and Dr. Joyce G. Maina  Protozoa and Helminth Parasites and Pathology in Fish in Aquaculture Farms, Kisii County, Kenya.
7 Felix Shikhuyu Abdalla I56/70382/2011 Prof. Jenesio I. Kinyamario, Dr. Winfred Musila and Dr. Samuel Kiboi  A Comparative Autecological Study of Tree Species using leaf and Wood Traits within Forest Fragments in the Taita Hills.
8 Irene Rose Madindou I56/66070/2010 Dr. Evans Mwangi, Dr. John Githaiga and Dr. Barbara Helm   Assessing Similarity of Stable Isotopes in Tail Feather Tissues and the Diets of the Common Stonechat in Kakamega Forest Glades, Kinangop Grasslands, Ol Kalou, and Aberdare Grasslands in Kenya.
9 Kevin Kipsang Sambai I56/81073/2012 Dr. George O. Ong’amo and Dr. Bruno P. Le Ru  “Incidences of Climate Change on Stem Borer and Parasitoid Interactions”.
10 Monica Mumbi Chege I56/67499/2011 Dr. Robert Chira, and Dr. Evans Mwangi  “Investigating Lion (Panthera Leo, Linneaus 1758) Spatial Ecology as an Indicator of Potential Conflict Areas in Nairobi National Park Ecosystem, Kenya”.
11 Nicole Mwende Musyoka I56/82565/2012 Dr. J. M. Githaiga, Dr. V. W. Wang’ondu and Dr. J. G. Kairo  “Study of Carbon Dynamics in Managed Mangrove Plantations of Gazi Bay, Kenya”.
12 Njung’e Leah Waithira I575/84397/2012 Dr. P. M. Wachira and Prof. Sheila Okoth  “Enhancement of Colonisation of Soybean Roots by Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi using Vermicompost and Biochar”.
13 Violet Andisi Munyasi I56/68389/2011 Dr. Maina Wagacha, Dr. Virginia Wang’ondu and Dr. Muo Kasina  “Efficacy of  Endotoxins from Bacillus thuringiensis Isolates against Spotted Stem Borer (Chilo Partellus) and Diamond Back Moth (Plutella xylostella)”.
14 Violet D. Orlando Aduke I56/72805/2012 Dr. David Odongo and Prof. Sheila Okoth  “Effectiveness of Organic Amendments in the Management of Parasitic Nematodes in Soy Beans”.
15 Zachariah Mwambi Nyang’ara I56/80883/2012 Dr. Samuel Kiboi and Dr. Francis Mwaura  “Tree Species Analysis in the Conservation and Management of Urban Green Environments: Case Study of Nairobi City-Kenya”.
1 Alexander Shitsukane Makobe I56/71559/2007 Dr. Angeyo H. Kalambuka, Prof. J. P. Patel and Mr. M. J. Mangala  “A Radioecological Study of the Artisanal Gold Mining Areas of Kakamega, Western, Kenya”.
2 Beatrice Adhiambo Ambuso I56/79400/2012 Prof. Shem O. Wandiga and Dr. Vincent O. Madadi  “Investigation of Chemical and Microbiological Contamination in Soils, Water and Vegetables from Selected Sites in Nairobi Metropolitan”.
3 Consolata Mutheu Wambua I56/79809/2012 Prof. S. O. Wandiga and Dr. Vincent Madadi  “Analysis of Heavy Metal Contamination and Toxicity in Selected Tephrosia Species in South Eastern and Coastal Regions in Kenya”.
4 Gladys Chebet Too I56/80428/2012 Prof. Shem O. Wandiga, and Dr. Vincent Madadi  “Assessment of Chemical and Biological Contamination in Soil, Vegetables and Irrigation Water Sources in Selected Sites in Naivasha”.
5 Japhet Cheruiyot I56/78871/2012 Prof. Shem O. Wandiga, and Dr. Vincent O. Madadi  “Water Purification Capacity of Selected Carbonized and Surface Modified Materials of Organic and Inorganic Origin”.
6 John K. Okoth Ondiek I56/79300/2012 Prof. Geoffrey N. Kamau, and Dr. Peterson M. Guto  “Synthesis and Characterization of Iron Nanoparticles using Banana Peels and its Application to Degradation of Atrazine Herbicide”.
7 Josephat Kamiri Muchui I56/81213/2012 Dr. Fredrick d. O. Oduor, and Dr. D. K. Kariuki  “Determination of the Chemical Impact of Selected Borehole Drilling Projects in Nairobi”.
8 Lenox Koromicha I56/71332/2007 Dr. Angeyo H. Kalambuka and Mr. D. M. Maina  “Measurement and Characterization of Atmospheric Deposition Fluxes of Be-7 and Pb-210 Radionuclides over Nairobi, Kenya”.
9 Maurine Atieno Otieno I56/80729/2012 Prof. S. O. Wandiga, and Dr. V. O. Madadi  “Study of Water Purification using Clay Impregnated with n-doped Titanium Dioxide – Case Study Lake Victoria Basin – Homabay County”.
10 Winfred Ngina Mwonga I56/65470/2010  Dr. Angeyo H. Kalambuka, Dr. Bulimo W. D. and Mr. David Maina  Chemometrics-Assisted X-Ray Fluorescence and Scattering Spectrometry of Trace Elements and Alterations in in Vitro Plasmodium-Infected Human Blood Media.