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The following list comprises of ongoing Phd research work from students in the different Faculties within the College of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences.

1 Ndirangu Samuel Njiri  A80/95048/2014 "Economic Analysis of Effects of Land Fragmentation on Food Security in Kenya A Case of Nyandarua County".
2 Nyang’anga Thadias Hillary  20171/2011 "Improving Farmers Climatic Change Adaptive Strategy Decision Making Through Kenya Agricultural Information Network".
3 Chemuliti Judith Kusimba  A80/83182/2012 "Ex-ante Analysis of Carbon Trading Among Pastoralists in Transmara County, Kenya".
4 Mwangi Lucy Wangari 14895/2009 "Extension Strategies for Effective Farmers’ Organizations Participation in |Dissemination of Agricultural Technology  Role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)". 
5 Lelei David Kipkorir A80/83901/2012 The Influence of Trees on Soil Macrofauna Activity, Soil Aggregation and Soil Organic Matter Dynamics in Agricultural Landscapes.
6 Nyauma Nyasani 19160/2009 Out-Patient Treatment of Severe Acute Malnutrition   Uptake and Strategies for Improved Programme Performance
7 Ngatia Edith Muthoni A80/82721/2012 Study to improve Iron and Vitamin, a Status of Infants and Young Children Using Diets Containing Pumpkin and Amaranth Leaf Vegetables.
8 Ndegwa Kabura   Linkages Between Martanal Work and Nutritional Status of children 0-2 years in Korogocho, a Slum Area in Nairobi. 
9 Njenga Jane Nyathegi 1070/2009  Efficacy of a Food-based Micronutrient Intervention Containing Iron in a Malarial Area on Nutritional Status, Social and Neural Development in Children 9-24 months. 
10 Ahmat Filbert Leone  13001/2011 Challenges Farmers Face To Increase Their Crop Production in South Sudan - The Case Study of Maridi, Yambio, Nzara and Ezo Counties in Western Equatorial State.
11 Otieno Beryn Achieng 20422/2009 An Integrated Approach to Managing Insect Pests in Plantations of Jatopha Curcas L.
12 Mahoya Caleb    An Integrated Approach to the Management of coffee Leaf Rust (Hemileia Vastatrix) in Zimbabwe
13 Mbogori Mercy Naitore A80/80062/2010 "Breeding Common Bean For Disease Resistance in Kenya; Mapping, Introgressing and Selecting disease Resistance QTL)".  
14 Mungai Beatrice Okoth 21173/2010 Impact of Fortified Food Supplements on Immunity and Well Being of HIV Infected Adults not on Antireviral Therapy (ART) with the Those on Normal Diet
15 Walela Ronald Wasike A80/97649/2015 Effectiveness of Anaemia Control and Prevention Interventions Among Pregnant Women in Bungoma South District
16 Were Samuel Aringo  26327/2012 "Geo-Mapping and Management of Fungal Root Rot Disease (Pythium spp. Fusarium spp, Schlertium spp and Rhizoctonia spp) of Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L) with Biochar and Vermicompost as Soil Amendments in Western Kenya".
17 Munyiri Arthur Karugu 3911/2011 "Generation of Drought and Striga Resistant Sorghum Lines using Markers Assisted Selection (MAS)". 
18 Cheserek Jerono Jane 3846/2011 "Breeding for Drought tolerance in Kenyan Maize  Combining Phenotypic and Marker Assisted selection to Improve on Anthesis to Silking Interval, Earliness and Grain Yield ". 
19 Itwari Anna Felix Otole 3731/2011 "Integration of Micronutrient Dense Dry Bean Genotypes into Sorghum Based Intercropping Systems in three distinct Agroecological zones in South Sudan". 
20 Matere Stella Jane A80/92301/2013 "Impact of Climate Chanbge on Maize production in Kenya and Tanzania and Its Economic implications ".
21 Mnyambo Juliah Mkanyika 2464/2011 "Integrated Soil and Pest Management for Small Scale Producers  A Strategy for Adaptating to Impact of Climate Change ".
22 Waweru Felix Muchiri 3896/2011  "Molecular characterization for resistance to root rot with nutritional quality (Iron, Zinc) in common bean under drought stress environment".
23 Odeny Danstan Aim A80/80208/2010  The Effects of Shade on Growth, Yield and Quality of coffee (Coffea Arabica L).
24 Nkonge Charles  A80/95088/2014 "Study of the Effect of the Technique of Zero Tillage and Residue Retention on the Mycotoxin Contamination of Maize in a Maize-Bean intercrop Farming System".
25 Mutune Jane Mutheu A82/85422/2012 Decentralized Forest Management Impacts on Livelihoods in Kenya A case study on Eastern Mau Forest.
1 Jesse Kevin Ndung’u Thuo   A study of the role of cholinergic drugs in pain regulation in the East African mole rat (Tachyoryctes splendens
2 Hope Richard Otsyina J80/92041/2013 Physiopathology, diagnosis and management of indigestible ruminal foreign bodies in sheep and goats with an environmental and climatic change perspective.
3 Gilbert Kirui 26236/2013 The influence of hoof health factors on the working efficiency of donkeys and the livelihood impact for donkey-department communities in Kenya.
4 Loice Njeri Kamau J80/95507/2014 Efficacy and Safety of Antidiabetic Herbal Medicine from selected plants in Nyeri and Narok Counties.
5 Eunice Cherono Chepkwony 26295/2013 Laboratory strategies for selection of effective virus strains to support the control of foot and mouth disease in Kenya.
6 Augustine Taban Namanda 25041/2013 Kenya’s preparedness in Quick response to livestock disease outbreaks in emergency prone areas.
7 Irene Nafula Ogali J80/93401/2013 Development and testing of a recombinant camelpox virus vector expressing Taenia solium vaccine.
8 Senerwa Daniel Mugangai 28614/2013 Kenya’s The Prevalence of aflatoxin contamination in the Kenyan dairy value chain economic costs and mitigation strategies.
9 Kuule Mathew Jimtex A80/92561/2013  Soil Equality Assessment and Improvement for Crop Productivity Enhancement in Upland Rice Cropping System of South-Western Uganda.