CAVS Masters

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The following list comprises of ongoing Masters research work from students in the different Faculties within the College of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences.

1 Kihara Rose Wanjeri  A56/80201/2012 Levels of Alatoxins in Flours From Small and Medium Enterprise Miller in Nairobi County and its Impact on Protein Utilization in Rats
2 Njogu Chris Kahura  A56/76677/2009  Development of Yoghurt From Soya Milk Supplemented With Cheese Whey.
3 Ojwang David Juma A56/75557/2012  Evaluation of Medium Duration Pigeonpea (cajanus cajan) Varieties for Green Fresh Vegetable Production and Nutritive Value in Eastern Region of Kenya.
4 Nganga Irene Njoki  A56/70008/2011 Effect of Cattle Grazing and Age of Bomas on Invertebrate Biodiversity in Savanna Ecosystem,  Northern  Kenya
5 Makori Shadrack Isaboke A56/81112/2012  Development of Value Added Meat Product from Rabbit Meat
6 Okoko Fredrick Otieno A56/78111/2012  Nutritional Composition and Pesticide Contamination of Tilapia and Catfish Farm Raised in Kirinyaga and Kisii Counties.
7 Mutinda Jackline Nduku A56/71927/2012 Vulnerability of Avocado (persea Americana mill) Fruits  to Bactrocera invadens Infestation in Kenya and the Effect of Management Practices on Fruit Quality
8 Otieno Peter Shimon A56/8193/2003  
9 Mwangi Faith Njeri A56/71542/2011 Evaluation of Botanical Pesticides and Coloured Sticky Traps in Control of Insects Pests (Thrips, Aphids and White Flies) in French Beans
10 Anyuka Noel Templer A57/80682/2012 Enhancing Phosphorous Release From Rock Phosphate Using Chickenpea and White Lupin for Increased Maize Yields in Kabete of Kiambu County, Kenya
11 Nyakeoga Violet Kwamboka A57/81591/2012 Evaluation Agronomic Effectiveness of Peepoo Compost on Maize and Potatoes and its Influence on Soil Biota
12 Nyairo Risper Buyaki A56/81210/2012 Evaluating the Usefulness of Climate Analogues for Adaption Planning Using Farming Systems in Kirundo Province and its Climate Analogue Location
13 Sakwa Rebecca Khaoya A56/69584/2011 Determining the Efficiency of Agronet Technology in Managing French Bean (Phaseolus Vulgaris l.) Pests and the Effect of Pollinators in Kenya
14 Machuki Samuel Nyagisera  A56/74241/2012 Screening “Tomato Cultivars for Resistance to Whiteflies and for Yield Attributed in Kenya
15 Muo Hamisi J. O. Williams A56/65544/2010 The Effects of Digital Divide on Information Dissemination Among Sugar Farmers in Migori County
16 Muli Mirriam Nduku A57/82714/2012  Modeling Soil Water Balance and Yields of (Sorghum bicolor L.) and sweet Potatoes (Ipomea batatas L.lam) Using CropSyst Model in Yatta District, Kenya
17 Winnie Wanjiku Murigi A56/72248/2011 Control of Ware Potato Sprouting During Storage
18 Wakibia Faith Wairimu A56/80815/2012 Effect of Pearl Millet and Selected Grain Legumes on Growth and Carcass Performance of Broiler Chicken (Gallus domesticus)
19 Namoi Nictor Litunya A56/68949/2011 Influence of Agroeological Intensification Techniques on Soil Nutrient Status, Moisture and Yields of Sorghum (Sorghum Bicolor L. Moench) and Cassava (Manihot Esculanta Crantz) in the Yatta District, Kenya
20 Madegwa Msavi Vyonee A56/72322/2011 Modelling Growth and Development  of Finger Millet (Eleusine Coracona) and Nutrient Dynamics in Semi Arid Eastern Kenya Using the Agricultural Production Systems Similator Model
1 David Warui Wagura J56/64969/2010   A study on the prevalence and the effects of endoparasites of dogs in Nairobi.
2 Ezra Ochami Aondo J56/79717/2012 “The prevalence of Escherichia Coli Infection in Children with Diarrhoea in selected Slum Areas of Nairobi, Kenya”.
3 George Otieno Okello J56/64992/2010 Understanding the causes of population decline in roan antelopes (hipportragus equines) in Ruma National Park through behavioural, ecological and genetic study
4 Joseph Kibet Towett J56/68844/2011 Evaluation of Dry matter yields, Nutritive value of fresh and conserved local forage species for their potential as rabbit feeds
5 Joseph Wahome Mukundi J56/69182/2011 “An assessment of safety and quality of locally processed herbal medicines used in Nairobi County”.
6 Laban Ngunga Makau J56/80615/2012 “Estimating the prevalence of mastitis in dairy goats in Machakos County”.
7 Lekerpes Saiwana J56/82492/2012 “Molecular characterization of the small East African Goat in Kenya using Microsatellite DNA Markers”. 
8 Mercy Cianjoka Gichuyia J56/79406/2012 “Epidemiology, Diversity and Antimicrobial Resistance of Salmonella species from Nairobi’s Slum Ecosystem”.
9 Rinah Sitawa Wangila J56/77673/2012 “Economic Impact of East Coast Fever Infect and Treat Vaccination Programme Small Holder Dairy Farming Areas: A Case Study in Uasin-Gishu and Nandi Counties”.
10 Samuel Maina Kahariri J56/80317/2012 “Estimating the Sero-prevalence of Human and Livestock Brucellosis and Associated Factors in Marsabit County, Kenya”.
11 Selestine Naliaka Wamwatila J56/69638/2011 Investigating the role of ticks in African Swine Fever Epidemiology along Kenya and Uganda border.
12 Tenai Betty Chebet  J56/78797/2012 “Ecotoxicological Assessment Of Rift Valley Lakes in Kenya, and The Potential Effect On Flamingo Health”.
13 Thomas Manga Njoroge J56/7127/2002  studies in the pastoral migration patterns and transboundary livestock diseases outbreaks in the Northwestern Turkana era of Kenya.
14 Zaverio Nkiria Kiraithe J56/80831/2012 “An Assessment of the Efficacy of East Coast Fever Vaccine at a Cattle-Buffalo Interface in Laikipia County”.
15 Zelipha Nyaituha Kabubii J56/79712/2012 “Phytochemical Screening, Bioctavity and Toxicological Studies of Catharanthus Roseus, Myrsine Africana and Rosemarinus Officinalis”.