CAE Masters

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The following list comprises of ongoing Masters research work from students in the  School of Engineering and Institute of Nuclear Science within the College of Architecture and Engineering.

1 Theuri Ayub Kariuki  F56/72232/2008 Sequencing Batch Reactor In Treatment of Slaughterhouse Effluent
2 Wambaa  Dickson Gichaga F56/76676/2009 Image Object Recognition for Computer Vision Applications
3 Wachira Kinyua F56/69105/2011 A Hybrid Heuristic-Based Localised Area Demosaicking Technique For Panchromatic Colour Filter Arrays
4 Kenneth Gichohi Kagoiya F56/8645/2005 A Wavelet Based Denoising Method For Magnetic Resonance Images
5 Koech  Martin F56/65059/2010 Analyzing the Effects of 10 Years Land Use Dynamics on Watershed Soil.  Hydrology in Sigowet-Awach Watershed in the Lake Victoria Basin
6 Abala Amos Wambura F56/68967/2011 Determining the Physical Properties Needed For Evaluating Performance of Glass Reinforced Polymer As Material For Solar Hot Water Tanks In The Coastal Areas
7 Odero Shadrack Omondi F56/69753/2011 Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Superabsorbent Polymers (SAPS) In Grain Drying
8 Matiti Steve Ngonda F56/66596/2010 Performance of Rain Water Harvesting  Technologies in Mwingi District, Kenya
9 Mutai Weldon Kipkoech F56/65022/2010 Performance Evaluation of a Power Tiller Fitted With Various Tractive Implements Under Varied Field Conditions
10 Nguli Stephen Kavindu F56/76651/2009 Evaluation Of The Viability Of Ultra-High Temperature Gasification Incinerator, Case Study:  Electrical Energy From Municipal Solid Waste for Embu Town
11 Nyakiti Gordon Ochieng F56/76900/2009 Analysis of Shear Stress Behaviour of Rice Growing Vertisols at Mwea Irrigation Scheme
12 Oirere Stellah Bonareri F56/77438/2009 Developing an Efficient Waste Management System For Tea Factories in Kenya: A Case Study of Nyansiongo Tea Factory
13 Omondi Erick Auma F56/65391/2010 Phytoremediation  of Landfill E-Waste Leachate (POPs) With Water Hyacinth (E. Crassipes)
14 Wachira Godffrey Gachuri F56/7604/2006 Optimising the Utilization of Saw Dust of Eucalyptus Species as a Fuel in Tea Industry
15 Nyang’au Stephen Nyakondo F56/75492/2009 Development of A Least Cost Energy Model For Future Energy Markets in Kenya
16 Nzyimi James Kiilu  F56/65157/2010 Evaluation of Optimal & Sustainable Utilization Options For Water Resources in Machakos Municipality
17 Barasa Calistus Nyongesa  F56/63938/2010 Assessing Functions of Bypass Roads in Cities and Towns.  The Case of Eastern Bypass in  Nairobi, Kenya
18 Mbogo Teresa Ngendo F56/69600/2011 Characterization of the Microstructure of Cement Paste Using Autogenous Shrinkage and Heat of Hydration Parameters
19 Naliaka Bertha F56/64439/2010 Evaluation of Bone Char Defluoridation of Water Using Adsorption Isotherms and the Bed Depth Service Time (BDST) Model
20 Odera Angela Atieno F56/73271/2012 Freight Travel Time Reliability On The Northern Corridor:  A Case Study of The Road Segment in Nairobi
21 Hannah Njeri Kamau F56/78713/2009 An assessment of integrated water resources management practice of Upper Thika Management Unit
1 Agoi Edwin Kisame S56/74429/2012 Development of an Instrument Solar Charger For Use In Field Measurements in Remote Areas
2 Kiragu Leonard Maina S56/74426/2012 Spatial and Vertical Distribution of Heavy Metals in Sediments of Nairobi River
3 Cheruiyot Evalyne Jemutai S56/70446/2011 Environmental  Radiation Monitoring In Kwavonza Area, Kitui County, Using Thermoluminescence and Liquid Scintillation Techniques
4 Tollah Owuor Stephen S56/74427/2012 A Investigation of Welding Quality in the Kenyan “Jua Kali” Enterprises
5 Adede Simon Ochieng S56/73681/2012 Analysis of Trace Elements in Soil and Plant Samples Using X-Ray Fluorescene for Predicting Minerals in Mui Basin
6 Gichohi Benard Mutahi S56/74425/2012 Developing a Spectral Library For Prediction of Soil Properties: Application of X-ray, Laser and Infrared Analytical Techniques
7 Odhiambo Benard Midigo S56/74423/2012 Investigation on the Heavy Minerals of Economic Importance and Characterization of the Naturally Occurring Radionuclides in Mwita Syano River Bed Sands
8 Koech Nehemiah Kipkirui S56/74430/2012 Neutron-Capture Prompt Gamma Ray Activation Analysis of Heavy Sands From Tiva and Mwita Syano Rivers, Kitui County
9 Lusimbo Rebecca Injete S56/71561/2011 Assessment of Radiological Hazards Associated With Indoor Norm Dose Rate and Radon Exposure in Selected Households Within Nairobi
10 Matindi Christine Nyawira S56/71285/2011 Analysis of Heavy Metal Content in Water Hyacinth (Eichhornia Crassipes) from Lake Victoria and Assessment of its Potential as a Feedstock for Biogas Production
11 Mburu Caroline Wanjiru S56/65120/2010 Intermediate Temperature Proton Conducting AZro3 (A=Ba, Sr, Ca)Perovskites at Varied Doping Concentration of Yttrium
12 Ngenoh Jeremiah Kipruto S56/64425/2010 Air Quality  Study in Nairobi Metropolitan Area: Application of Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence and Chemical Mass Balance Model
13 Karuga Susan Waiyego S56/69879/2011 Micronutrients and rare earths in plants from selected sites in Kenya
14 Kioko Lawrence Koli S56/72086/2011 Survival Of Cancer Patients in Kenya:  A Population Based Study
15 Kiprotich Kennedy Kilel S56/74421/2012 Determination of Heavy Mineral Content Characterization and Their Distribution Along River Tiva, Kitui County 
16 Kiragu Leonard Maina S56/74426/2012 Spatial and Vertical Distribution of Heavy Metals in Sediments of Nairobi River
17 Agata Wilson Okong’o S56/64410/2010 Strontium in bones of Kenyans: Application of Energy Dispersive  X-ray Fluorescence Analysis in assessing sources of human diseases
18 Mwania Janet Mutheu S56/74432/2012 Development of Recycled Plastics Composite With Steel Reinforcement: Alternative Material For Construction of Wind Turbine Blades
19 Nyambane Nahshon S56/70445/2011 Optimization of Olkaria II Geothermal Power Plant  by Hybridization of Cooling System Through Energy and Exergy Concept
20 Nyariki Wycliffe Ondara S56/70424/2011 Design and Characterization of a Flat Plate Active Photovoltaic-Thermal
1 Kute Esther Joyce Aloo B51/78301/2009 “Contributors to the Success of Fashion Designers: A Case Study of Top Fashion Designers in Kenya”.
2 Priscilla Mutile Mbai B51/64380/2010 “Designing Interactive Exhibitions: The use of Interactive Design Techniques to Enhance Visitors Learning in Museum Exhibitions in Kenya”.